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Digital Video has become a prominent and effective way of conveying new ideas and products. We are a full service digital video production company and creative studio specializing in corporate, marketing, training, event, sizzle and web videos. With over 8 years of experience in the industry we have worked with large corporations, small business, start-ups, and non-profit organizations. Producing compelling videos for our clients is of utmost importance. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. 

Our crew comes equipped with years of experience and the know-how to take your production to the next level. Whether you need a web commercial, event sizzle video, corporate communications, testimonial customer stories, explainer video, 3D motion graphics or coverage of live events, we will work with you to develop and produce engaging content that successfully connects with your audience.


DISCOVERY. We kick off every project with a round of discovery. It’s our chance to ask and listen and really begin to learn what your story, audience, goals and challenges are. This phase includes conversations, brainstorming, research into your brand, your market, your products, your people. Through this research we find and ask for inspirational material that may influence the overall concept of the video. This as also the time for us to evaluate what your competition is doing, to make sure that we differentiate your brand from theirs.

CONCEPTING. Armed with a strong sense of your brand, audience and goals we then begin to develop concepts that we feel would best tell your story. We will write 1-3 bulletins (not treatment) that loosely define our story and stylistic approach. We often accompany these bulletins with relevant links to help see the idea more concretely. These bulletins serve as conversation starters to really narrow in on the concept that will guide us through the rest of the process.

BUDGETING. Whatever your badger we work closely with you to ensure that we give you the best results for your money. Essential to every creative kick-off is the question – where will you see the money on screen? For the biggest production value, we will scale the scope to work within your budget needs.

SCRIPTING. Once we have our concept defined, we move into scriptwriting. We work closely with the client to develop a messaging outline that provides structure for a script. As we write, we bring in all that we’ve learned about the brand, the story, and the tone defined by the concept. This is were we bring the inspiration, or the humor, or the emotion that helps to connect the story to your unique audience. The format can range from voice over to dialogue to written graphics titles. All of these components serve to deliver your messaging in a style and tone that makes audience take notice.

STORYBOARDING. The approved concept send us down a path of visual discovery where we develop a look for your video. We make and find imagery that matches the style that we will capture in production. We also design any graphics and effects that bring the concept to life.

CASTING. We cast for all types of productions. Whether it’s real people for a documentary / testimonial piece or models to bring a particular look. Our crew has many years of directing and production experience to make sure that the talent in a show will make it the best it can be.

LOCATION SCOUTING. We know how important the backdrop of a film is to bring style, realism, emption and we go to great length to secure them on a budget.

Once we have gone through the pre-production discovery phase and have a clear creative path, it’s time to begin production. This is where all of our pre-production efforts pay off. The script is written, we’ve casted the best actors, the locations have been selected, and the storyboards are laid out. Production is where we execute on a well thought out creative plan.

For animated pieces and stories that rely heavily on motion graphics and visual effects, our Creative Director will be there to guide your project through all stages of the production. Our team of producers will ensure that the product, and your experience through the process, will be a success.

EDITING. This is where the story really comes together. Even if you’ve shot to a well-planned set of storyboards or gotten the exact answers to interview questions you wanted, things often change and get better in the edit suite. Beyond story, this is where the pace and the tone are often defined for the final show. It’s an exciting phase that leads to many creative opportunities around music, style, structure and composition. It’s where you start to feel what the audience will feel. Our edit suites consist of a VFX, sound mixing, color grading, smoke and fiber-connected SAN with support IT staff to allow for several HD/4K projects to run at once.

VOICE OVER RECORDING. a voice-over artist reads the narrative script in a sound studio. There are different ways to do this but we usually record the voice ‘wild’, that is, without pictures as recording with picture can often take much longer. We then sync the voice over with pictures during the editing process.

MUSIC. Music is the anchor to a piece that drives the pace and emotion. Choosing great music can make or break a video. We guide you though the options that best fit your budget. There are many routes to pairing a fantastic tune to your show: needle-drop, composing or paying known artists. There are countless music libraries that offer decent tracks that can accompany your video for a reasonable price. We’ve also worked with some amazing composers who can cater a track to fit perfectly with your visuals — this is a wonderful option that will cost more but is often well worth it. If budget allows, bringing a known popular song can give it more punch than anything else. It’s the most expensive option and, again, is worth it if you can manage it.

MOTION GRAPHICS & ANIMATION. Once we have a rough edit, that is when the motion graphics and animating phase usually begins. Because motion graphics and animation are costly to produce, it’s best to have the overall edit defined as much as possible. When we are compositing graphics into live-action footage, we ask for a cut to be nearly final before we begin the process of incorporating graphics. We can always develop assets and even animated separately from the cut and then composite as one of the last steps to be sure the scene will not be changed or removed. It is during this graphics phase that we begin to really hone the style and look of the video.

COLOR CORRECTION. color correction is sometime overlooked craft but it can often make the difference between a nice looking video and a stunning final product. There are two main goals in color correction: normalizing the look and stylizing. Normalizing (or primary color correction) is the process of matching shots with each other in both color balance and contrast. Since things are often shot at different times, different locations, and sometimes with different cameras the footage can be noticeably varied. This brings all of the clips in-line with each other visually.

SOUND MIX. if you have gorgeous picture but the sound is poor then it drops the perception of quality by a huge percentage. Whether it’s just getting a professional mix done or intricate sound design, this is an area not to be taken for granted.

Based in Mumbai (India) since 2008, at Vivaki Production our goal is to collaborate with your brand to create authentic, lasting emotions with your consumer that inspire them to take action. Whether you need a company overview that tells your story or client testimonials to boost your sales, tv commercials, product demonstrations, event coverage or training videos. We make the process efficient, affordable and effective.

We believe in building relationship, work together with our clients, knowing them as people as well as business associates. As such, this allows us to truly understand what drives our clients' business and what their collective vision is for the future of their organization.


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